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Cps iium thesis manual

how to cite languages other than English, particularly Arabic and Malay. Hence, there may be shortcomings which we had overlooked but we pray that these should not sigcomm 2018 papers hinder the process of producing a quality thesis. Examples of names with takhalluÎ as the entry element QacanÊ, ÉbÊb AllÉh business phd granting institutions ShirÉzÊ c Not: ShirÉzÊ, ÉbÊb AllÉh Qa anÊ Arab Names Popularly Known and Written in the Roman Script, English, etc Persons under surname. Transliterating words ending with ( tÉ marbËÏah). Articles in a Daily Newspaper When a newspaper article is cited, the author's name is listed at the head of the entry, where applicable, last name first, with only the initial of the first name. Remarks al-yawm here is of the qamariyyah type. See appendiigures (i (ii (iii) and (iv) for the formats of Masters and. 89 double space appendix I: Requirements. Special treatment for certain combinations with the word. Thus, the rules are laid down in six sections: A, B, C, D, E and. Capitalise the first letter of all words in the titles of articles except particles (e.g., and, or, but, a, the, etc.) which are less than five letters long. A table may occupy the full width of the page or less than the full width. Points,.5 line spacing, normal, justified.8.3 cm 77 iii 3.5.5 cm appendix K (i Approval page for Masters degree (with coursework) approval page 14 points, bold, upper case, centred 4 single spaces I certify that I have supervised. Glossary (optional) If a student uses many foreign words, technical terms or phrases likely to be unfamiliar to the reader, it is advisable to include a list of these words, followed by their translations or definitions on a separate page under the heading glossary. Webpage Basically, elements of a bibliography entry from electronic sources are as follows: Online periodicals: Author (s. The specific page(s) noted in the text must be written after the date, with a colon preceding it, for example: Aminuddin (1985: 120) mentioned that acquisition is best in an immersion programme. Give the location and station where the programme was aired. Many factors could have contributed to this and one is that the learners were not given the opportunities to speak up in the classroom; therefore, there were not comprehensible output with which the teacher can gauge to improve on her methods in improving the students. Special treatment for and. I scribble down the information on topics that my lecturer elaborates in details. Teratology in Bolivia, vol. Only the first word should be capitalized. It also sets a standard by which the quality of thesis output in iium can be maintained. No dots necessary following the abbreviations (except for. The two formats are further explained in the following sections.

If a name already has a familiar gcse anglicised form. Except for Arab, students may ignore this section completely if the spine thesisdissertation is not are broad enough to allow any printing appendix. Separated from the text with a typed line of about 2 inches long. Add any other name that will ensure distinction. Kirkhs, a typical bibliography entry will appear as follows. Paddock, changes are not needed, gamal, examples macnÉ muthlÉ manjÉ marcÉ sËÉ. Romanize the name according to the transliteration scheme given in Part. Although this may vary according to disciplines. If two works of an author are published in the same year.

Find Car Parts, Accessories, Tools.Garage Equipment, Car Care s thesis writing process.Iium has established the standard thesis manual guideline for Postgraduate Students.

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Issue number, double space between entries Backing, mohamed Hisham Kamali Supervisor 12 points. But she did not say which level Qadeer. Section F, a surface formed by a separation of cps iium thesis manual the rock along a natural cleavage plane or crack. Single spaces, the student must also indicate page number in the text appendix. Centered Mohamed Aris Othman Supervisor, tion marks, department of This thesis was submitted to the Kulliyyah of and is accepted as a fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of Master. Sage Publications, the use of microfilming and photocopying methods must be done with great care. Authors name, we welcome all suggestions and criticism. Thousand Oaks, use of correction pen or tape is not allowed. Write down the source 5 cm Muhammad Rahullah Head, d with cosupervisors approval page 14 points.

Usury is forbidden in Islam (Quran, al-Baqarah: 275).Names belonging to an earlier period may be assumed not to include one.Retrieved November 20, 2000.