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Paper plate basket

sign up for the Make: Newsletter. I lined the basket with a piece of wax paper just to make sure the buttery cookies dont leave grease marks, then tied it up with ribbon so the cookies look as fantastic as they taste. Adults Only: Carefully using a knife carve out your design. In the meantime, keep making stuff! Your changes have been saved. When pressing down for your stamp, make sure you press firmly on the whole potato. We love how these turned out! This basket would look great hanging up as part of your Easter decorations! Our editors will review your materials and follow up with you via email as soon as possible. At the same time, Im just plain ways of knowing nursing paper cheap, so Im not likely to spend more money on cute packaging for my cookies than I spent on the ingredients to make them! Once you have your basket put together, you can stack the cookies in next to each other like this: Or in a one long row like this: Either way, eight cookies fit perfectly. If they are a little soft the stamps will still work well. We used hot glue (adults only recommended) so that it would be sturdy and stay together. Directions to Make an Easter Paper Plate Basket.

Add some gold glitter glue on slip top. You may find it helpful to draw the design first and then follow your design marks when carving. Invitation to Create Felt Easter Eggs. I love how easy and economical these are. Here are some of our favorite Easter crafts you may also enjoy. This Easter bunny card is made from a handprint. Then glue on the brown cardstock paper strips on top to make the basket. Glue them lanterns down and then trim around the outside if you dont want to measure them to size.

Dress up your homemade baked goods with this cute DIY cookie basket!All you need is five minutes, one paper plate, and a few pieces of tape!Heavy Duty, Grease Resistant.

February 13, pin this post for later so you can come back easily to make paper plate basket this Easter craft activity. And connecting Makers worldwide to tinker and hack. First paint your paper plates brown on the outside of the paper plate. Pretty fun and easy, thats why I love this little cookie basket it takes five minutes. Is the voice paper plate basket of the Maker Movement. Right, directions to Make Easter Egg Potato Stamps. Thanks for signing, cookies shown are my favorite ones to share. And a few pieces of tape to assemble.

Your kids will love this Easter craft activity!We love how colorful and fun they are!