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Application form for postal ballot paper

of your disability, you may be helped to vote in three ways by companion voting, by assistance from the presiding officer or by using a ballot paper template (only in a referendum). How do I get a postal vote? An election candidate cannot act as a companion and neither can a candidates agent. Check with your local authority. McKenna and Marion Cran recently celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary in Ayr., ayr Beach part of Danny Boyle's Armistice Day commission, Pages of the Sea. If not, you can download one from. You can ask for a postal vote for one particular election only (for example, if you would normally prefer to go to the polling station but you will be away on that day). You must apply by 25 November each year to be entered on the Postal Voters List. What if I do not receive my ballot paper? (A personation agent is with a representative of a political party or other approved body, who supervises the polling and helps prevent electoral offences.). South Ayrshire Council is on target for a prestigious national award thanks to the quality of information they give to their housing tenants., get ready for some ghoulish goings on at Tamfest. Return your completed ballot paper and your postal vote statement in the envelope provided. They repeat the procedure for your second preference vote, and. It can take some time to assist an elector, so the law allows a presiding officer to refuse a request for assistance during the last two hours of voting (the busiest time) if helping one elector would delay or obstruct others. In Dublin and Cork, the returning officer is the city or county sheriff. Procedure: When a companion is assisting you, they go to a voting compartment with you and mark the ballot paper in accordance with your wishes. There is a programme of events that will appeal to all ages., how can we improve the page? Blank field proves you are not spam. Carers Day was held at Prestwick Academy on Friday 5 October, with the event recognising carers and the contribution they make to their families and communities., carrick Academy scoop top award, carrick Academy in Maybole has just won the 'Education and Business Partnership' category. The presence of the personation agents ensures and confirms that the presiding officer follows your instructions. Yes, but you must tell us in writing. In other counties, it is the county registrar.

If paper you have not applied by this date. Whose role is how to guard the ballot papers in the same way as in a polling station and to act as an independent witness to guarantee that the voting procedure is carried out properly. Storytelling spooky surprises animations and lots more Library Festival 1319 October. If necessary, the presiding officer puts it in the ballot box. They ask which option you wish to vote for and mark the ballot paper according to your instructions. You will be sent the following documents. If you are going to be away from home for several months and want to vote in any elections that take place in that time. When the ballot paper has been marked according to your instructions. There is currently no template for use in an election. They will be accompanied by a Garda.

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The presiding officer and the personation for agents go with you to a part of the polling station where a conversation in normal tones cannot be overheard. If you need help with voting. You can apply in writing to the returning officer at least a week form before polling day for permission to vote at another polling station in the same constituency. Once you have been assigned another polling station.

If possible, you should suggest a polling station that is both accessible and convenient for you.Because of the short timescale and the need for proof of identity, you will normally have to come to the council offices to collect a replacement ballot paper.