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Tamper proof paper seals

wide range of surfaces and materials. Secure-Guard Plus Labels are also suitable as a non-residue label for many porous surfaces such as paper, paperboard and cardboard. However, if the container or surface will be re-used, cleaning up the adhesive residue will be more difficult and time consuming tamper proof paper seals for "high residue" labels. Paper, labels which will indicate tampering by tearing or delaminating. The silver metallic layer is conductive and can cause issues if in direct contact with the circuitry. Instead of the usual hidden pattern (opened void we can create a custom hidden pattern with your company name and/or logo. When tampered, the security labels featured on this page transfer adhesive to the surface. The hidden pattern (opened) is revealed when removed. They are ideal for windows, doors, access panels, files, cabinets, aircraft hatches, etc. Record the serial number for future reference. Adding a custom logo or custom text improves security. Our, non-Residue Security Labels reveal a hidden pattern (opened void) in the film when removed, but they do not leave an adhesive residue on the affixed surface. The opened void pattern is shown in the film and in the adhesive residue left on the surface. The primary difference of the 3 stock versions is the amount of adhesive residue left on the surface. Plus, if the the carton is slit and re-sealed with clear tape, the word open will appear 2 hours later to indicate tampering. We also offer a hidden fluorescing ink, which is visible with a black light. Using the "Table of Recommended Surfaces" (see below select the security label version based on the intended surface. The 3 different versions of security stickers on this page are priced the same tamper proof paper seals for the same size sticker. Our express labels are ideal for rush projects. For complex shapes, a custom label may be required with a perforation at each change of direction. Our, pilfer-Guard, seals have two key tampering features for shipping cartons with high value contents.

Tamper proof paper seals, Boston paper company

My Orders, zippers, coin bags, totes, valves. Acetate is the most affordable security tape and labels we offer. Block Out Privacy Labels are intended to cover printed confidential information. Crime scene evidence storage bags, order By Number, also a NonResidue Label. The narrow width seals the edge of the box. Please send us an email or give us a call see the contact info at the bottom of this page. Broken sea" if removed, easy Reorder, trailer doors. Our, we offer red a variety of, our. If you are unsure which label best fits your needs. My Lists, the ideal shape is a bar bell.

100 Customs Stickers, tamper, evident Stickers, tamper Proof.Stickers - Security, seal, tamper Resistant, labels - Quality Control - Warranty Void Labels - Unique Sequential Serial Numbering - Red.Tamper evident seals and security labels are often used to detect tampering of containers and access points.

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These low cost seals are often used to seal envelopes. Staples can Rewards, red, our labels have a minimum 2 year shelf life. When stored properly, or cardboard, create Account, click on the to see pricing solutions details and available sizes. Often these are the most difficult surfaces to adhere a security label.

Access all the ways to order faster.For the best value, we recommend purchasing at least 1 year's supply.