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How to make fans with just paper step by step

items for a gift bag after a birthday party or other celebration. Japanese fans are both beautiful and functional. Glue the gold stripes to both ends of the red paper, try to keep the same distance from the top and bottom edges. But, however the practice started, fans did become very popular, not only for gentle breezes or keeping bugs away, but also as a fashion all statement. Step 1: Use the fun shape scissors to trim along the top and bottom edge of the red paper (the longer side of the paper). Step 6: Open the pleat and thread a piece of gold ribbon through. Bend the head pin to secure the wood sticks. The wood sticks are now set in position. Only apply glue to the top portion of the sticks. Run your fingers across the paper to smooth it out. Chinese Paper Fans make great decorations for the Chinese New Year holidays or any Chinese celebration for that matter.

Paper company phoenix az How to make fans with just paper step by step

Also known as sensu, folding up the fan will create pleats. Tie a little bow how to make fans with just paper step by step or knot or use the ribbon for hanging. With pleat folded to make a tiny hole.

Cut right up to the tip of the sticks. Thin rice paper was used in this transfer project but you can use any plain paper. So the fan is easier to work with. The button is flush with the wood. Japanese fans are typically made with bamboo. Using the pencil marks you traced earlier to return the sticks in the correct position. Connect the wood sticks with a head pin Image. Place the wood sticks on the paper glue side down. Using needlenose pliers, jonathan Fong, you will remove the sticks in the next step.