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Research paper on customer loyalty pdf

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Evidence from South African Mobile Telecommunications Industry. Which have high importance towards customer satisfaction support and ultimately brand loyalty. This study examined the influence of customerbased brand equity on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty in South Africas mobile cellular services. The Influence of CustomerBased Brand Equity on Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty. With nontraditional players like FNB and Mr Price joining the fold. Brand managers should place significant effort primarily on building brand equity and brand equity dimensions. Reliability and validity tests were performed to validate the scales used in the study. It is imperative for mobile operators to build brand equity as it ensures customer retention. Followed by brand awareness and brand association respectively. Vanderbijlpark, correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis were performed to ascertain the influence and nature of relationships between the dimensions of brand equity and customer satisfaction as well as between customer satisfaction and brand loyalty 1911, the implication from the findings was that management.

PDF, customer loyalty presents a paradox.Customer loyalty paper - Download.

Research paper on customer loyalty pdf

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