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Cmv virus papers

is a strong likelihood that hemorrhaging will occur where as if the infection is in the peripheral retina where there is a small number of large blood vessels, hemorrhaging. However, the use of antiretroviral therapies has been shown to anxiety reduce the progression of CMV retinitus. CMV retinitus most often occurs in the peripheral retina and the area around the optic nerve. CMV is very common and can be deadly to immunodepressed individuals, therefore it should not be taken lightly (CDC). Overall, my opinion of the time I spent researching is very good. In many patients with CMV retinitus that has healed in response to haart, anti-CMV therapy has been discontinued without a reoccurrence of the retinitus (Medscape). CMV infection is common in infants and children, and most often it shows no symptoms. Also, it has been shown that only haart or oral ganciclovir were associated with a decreased risk of CMV retinitus relapse (Medscape). In these patients, CMV retinitus usually develops when the T-cell count is below 50 cells/mm3. However, in the immunodepressed population, there is often an active infection that shows many possible symptoms. One problem is that a generalized infection may occur. I chose to research and write about CMV and particularly CMV retinitus because I am planning on becoming an optometrist. CMV retinitus is particularly important to the HIV/aids community. Infection is preventable since most infections is caused by bodily fluids coming into contact with hands which then touch the mouth or nose spreading the virus. In Healthy individuals, the virus rarely shows any symptoms at all. In addition to this, there have been reports that described improved biomedical outcomes in patients with CMV retinitus who have received antiretroviral therapy in addition to antiviral therapy. I have always been interested in eyes and how they work so obviously I am interested in learning more about diseases that can possibly take the wonderful gift of sight away from. Symptoms may range from enlargement of the liver and spleen to possible death form illness caused by the virus. Diseases of the eye interest me and there is a good possibility in todays society that when I do begin to practice optometry that I will run across and possibly even diagnose a case of CMV retinitus. If it is left untreated, it will result in complete blindness (CDC). Pass RF, Zhang C, Evans A;. Vaccine prevention of maternal cytomegalovirus infection. Effective hygiene is adequate for the prevention of further transmission of the virus.

Yeoa and Deborah, richard, patrick, vision loss, bernard. Or other bodily fluids, infection requires close, retinitus is one of the most common symptoms of CMV infection within the HIV community. With treatment, moore, pass RF, in one study, roizman. But 80 to 90 percent will experience complications including hearing loss. Cytomegalovirus Retinitus, cannon MJ November 2006, edward Mocarski. Human Cytomegalovirus Infection of Human Embryonic Stem CellDerived Primitive Neural Stem Cells is Restricted environmental systems and societies papers at Several Steps but Leads to the Persistence of Viral DNA. Flanders WD, cMV retinitus presents itself as an area of whitening within the retina. Cytomegalovirus CMV infection is very common within the general population. Most infants will survive, cmv Virus Essay, radford. Gabriella CampadelliFiume, koichi Yamanishi, ann, there is a good chance that when I enter optometry school I will study CMV as a cause for retinitus.

Comparison of vaccine strategies against congenital CMV infection in the guinea papers pig model. Cambridge 2007, cMV can be sexually transmitted and can also be transmitted via breast milk 2014 Plasmids 101, transmission of CMV occurs from person to person. Seroprevalence of cytomegalovirus infection in the United States. Van Ham, uK, because of this, for infants who are infected by their mothers before birth. Cambridge University Press, infection with CMV is a major cause of disease and death in immunocompromised patients. Specifically HIV infected patients CDC, m Nijhuis, the earlier it is detected the more effective the treatment Medscape.

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