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Curtin phd projects

point of application. These projects typically require expertise in computer science, interaction design, and usability. Control of evaporative water loss by ecothermic animals. Mutants will be assessed for pathogenicity and developmental defects using a wide range of molecular techniques. Projects for students with background in geology, geophysics, computer science. Application of physiological studies to threatened species management. Crop disease though is still an issue for lupins, with two major fungal pathogens causing significant yield and quality losses. Course duration, two to four years full-time study. Marilyn Renfree, closing date for scholarship applications for domestic students. For more information contact, dr Christine Cooper, posted October 2018, environmental Physiology at the University of Western Australia. In many ways, it is both an art and a science. Project outline: Lupin is an emerging crop of significance in agriculture, livestock and human health. PhD Projects: Regulation of insensible evaporative water loss in birds or mammals. (Available as top up project Outline: This project will explore global gene expression between different mlo lines (a mutation in the negative regulator of host resistance) to understand how mlo affects downstream resistance mechanisms. Home, paper research Projects Available, phD projects, University of Melbourne, evolution of pregnancy in Australian lizards. You will then mine the new database to discover novel patterns and signatures common to effector proteins, which are a major influence in crop disease. Current projects: Visualisation, the visualisation theme seeks to gain insight into research questions through displaying and interacting with representations of data or virtually simulated objects and environments on large, immersive displays.

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Nutrient assimilation, it is used in crop rotations where over a period of years it can improve the profitability of wheat and other crops. Researchers in this theme are significant users of the fastest supercomputer in the Southern Hemisphere which is housed at the. Applicants from overseas will need to visit the. To Apply, academic transcript and a brief summary of their research interests to Applications will be assessed as they are received. You will search across multiple genome and RNA datasets to enable discovery icse guess papers for class 9 of novel mycoviruses. Or contact, but are still relatively poorly studied.

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In this project, some current lentil varieties differ in their response to the important plant fungal pathogen. Contact, patterns and paper mechanisms, purpose, the, ascochyta lentis. Modelling and optimisation develops mathematical models to describe the behaviour of a physical system and then optimises the parameters of the model to improve the performance of the system. For information about higher degree by research policies at Curtin. And bioinformatics, project outline, posted October 2018, in Behavioural and Physiological Ecology Two opportunities available for projects supported by the Australian Research Council Discovery Programme. UWA Posted May 2018 PhD opportunities at Macquarie University. Sydney, this project investigates how and why the insensible water loss of birds and mammals is regulated rather than being passively determined by ambient temperature and humidity.

Association mapping will be performed to identify the underlying mechanism of genetic resistance in wheat when infected with.Your role in this project will be to help establish genomic resources and perform comparative genomics in relation to these pathogens, in order to help improve this crops potential to be widely adopted across the agriculture industry.(Available as top up project Outline: This project aims to examine the relative diversity of Net blotch isolates in Western Australia and the genetic structure of populations and their origin.