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Paper tune pse dna sp

tells Dave more about the arrow, and arrow spine, and less about the bow system and how it is operating. Is the nocking point in the right place?

Is the center shot in the right place. Choose from launcheronly colors or completelydecorated rests to make your setup stand out from others. Multiple custom colors options 1520, indicates papers arrow is too stiff, or have at least heard. Most archers either know how to paper tune a bow.

PSE tune charts: 1991 to 2017 PSE Sales Reps by Region MAP.SE Online Bow Registration PSE Bow Serial Number.

Paper tune pse dna sp

The Limb Driver does ProV weighs just over 3 ounces. You may need to add or remove twists to get the hole perfect. Minimizing added weight to your setup. You speak to a real person from start to finish. FlexisAR Technology in Prime compound bows and target bows. To correct a right tear you should put two twists into the right hand side yoke. This distance can answer, and start with it in the vertical position. This allows inconsistencies or errors to be corrected during the shot cycle to ensure perfect arrow flight upon release from the string. This correction can be done by moving the position of the string left and right in order to perfect your paper tear.

With traditional fall-aways that begin to drop immediately, you typically see a great deal of arrow dip which decreases accuracy greatly, especially down range.A right tear for a right handed archer will be corrected by moving the arrow rest away from the riser.