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Sap digital white paper

to move documents to a long-term storage media could be critical when dealing with hawthorn large numbers of employees. There is no ability to do full text search on the content of a document. When implemented, users are given an additional menu option called Documents. This could be used to allow an employee access to their own documentation, or allow managers access to documentation for a limited period of time. About the Author: Athol Hill is the SAP Practice Lead for Stonebridge Systems. For 5 example, you may opt to include an employee s driver s license against their personal identification folder and against a qualification folder. There is no ability to structure documents within an infotype. Because ArchiveLink was co-developed by Open Text, the product was always intended as an integration area for external vendors however SAP opted to provide some native functionality to customers incorporated as standard in the product. SAP Employee File Management (EFM) is not a new product in the Open Text suite however this product was only recently introduced to SAP s price list. What does SAP Employee File Management solution add? Functionality in this transaction does incorporate the ability to store documents, but still only provides the infotype numbers in the folder structure view rather than the actual description of the infotype. Business Change management should always be included in any implementation that results in changes to the business process and the ways that users interact with the system. As much as abap development time can sometimes be sourced at a low cost, the cost of the business users time to blueprint and test these solutions is not and minimising their time out of the business is critical. Native SAP does actually provide some employee file management functionality as standard through an SAP module called ArchiveLink (also referred to as Document Archiving but there are some limitations to this standard functionality and some customers require abap developments to help the solutions to meet. What s good about native ArchiveLink? Author: Athol Hill StoneBridge Systems 11 October February 2010 Commercial in Confidence Page 1 of 13 2 Introduction During 20, SAP has added a variety of Open Text products to the SAP pricelist. For larger organisation where HR is finding it difficult to manage the volume of files associated with having a large number of employees, this would be a good application to help reduce the workload for. For further information on EFM pricing, please contact your SAP Account Executive. In the cases of smaller companies, native ArchiveLink may be sufficient to meet their requirements and/or SAP EFM may be difficult to justify from a financial perspective. Privacy of information should be considered tantamount in any implementation of HR documents. If an auditor accesses the relevant transaction, they can see the workflow used to create it, the document used to process it and the approval process if required.

SAP EFM provides the following additional functionality over native ArchiveLink. We mean that if a particular document has an expiry date and you want to be notified of the documents expiry. This could include documents like first aid certificates or pietrzykowski zbigniew phd trade qualifications. The cost of updating the training material is met by the vendor rather than the customer. Its quite interesting to note that ArchiveLink was actually codeveloped by ixos who were subsequently purchased by Open Text so Open Text actually has a long history with SAP. Storage and retrieval directly from PA30 using the generic object services icon. It s also difficult to redevelop these solutions if you only discover in production that a particular development has shortcomings and does donna m. hughes phd not fully meet the requirements. What if we already have another content management system. But an option to right click with new version may be a good alternative to provide to users. Companies should always seek legal advice on these retentions andor the risk associated with destroying hard copies.

In this white paper, I ll try to look at this solution.SAP, digital, finance, whitepaper (02/16) 2016.

Full audit trails are provided with the activity log. With all these shortcomings, in a typical environment where complex workflows aren t required. The folder structure 12 used may still affect how you break down your document types and this may require migration at digital a later stage. The first question that may come to mind is why would anyone still want to use native ArchiveLink if it has these shortcomings. In some cases, eFM provides folders for structuring document types.

This prevents users having to scan to desktop, save the file and then load the file manually from SAP.This does limit the customer s ability to make the training material implementation specific but in the case of SAP EFM, this is often not a requirement.EFM provides guest access facilities.